2017 Gardens Summit!

Dear Garden People,

Most of us shy away from the word “Leader.” Maybe we don’t like the spotlight, don’t want more responsibilities or simply don’t have the time. But we love community gardens and find ways — or they find us! — to go above and beyond. Through community gardens, we collaborate, provide a helping hand and share stewardship of these incredible places. If you are a community garden helper/leader/supporter/organizer, this summit is for you!

We believe many hands make light work. Join the Gardens Network for a day of learning and sharing strategies to cultivate successful community gardens.

Register now for the 2017 Gardens Summit: Cultivate Success  http://bit.ly/GNS17CS


Saturday, February 18, 2017, 8:30 am-3pm

Catholic Multicultural Center, 1862 Beld Street, Madison WI

Cost: $15 includes breakfast and lunch

Registration deadline: February 1


  • Tools for tackling the Top 10 Pests, Diseases and Weeds in a Community Garden: identify and managing the most common pests and weeds at community gardens.
  • Cultivating Successful Gardeners: set your gardeners up for success from registration and orientation to mentorships and beyond.
  • Communal Composting: simple science and community-building through composting projects
  • Garden language lesson: Ten ways to say hello, thank you, etc.
  • State of the Gardens: what’s going on behind the scenes to support community gardens? Updates from city, county and Community GroundWorks staff
  • Growing Next Generation Leaders: facilitating successful transition between leadership teams
  • Garden Leader Planning: managing administrative tasks and brainstorming new ideas for community gardens

* please note: by community request, we will co-host a Spanish-language mini-summit later this year in partnership with Centro Hispano. To request translation at the Garden Summit on February 18, please contact us directly.

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