Neighborhood Grant Workshop


Attention Gardeners!

In addition to offering space to grow food, gardens are important neighborhood resources that make our communities safer and more beautiful. Consider attending this workshop and applying for a Neighborhood Grant to improve your garden!

Neighborhood Grant Workshop | December 6, 2017, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., City-County Building, Room 103A.  Apply by February 19 for a City of Madison Neighborhood Grant to improve the capacity or appearance of your neighborhood. New this year, groups of residents may apply. Check with staff for details. Since 1999, the Neighborhood Grant Program has been helping neighborhood organizations build their capacity, create an identity and improve their appearance through physical enhancements, and more. In 2017, grants were awarded for such projects as reviving the Worthington Park Neighborhood Association and starting a Pop-Up Market, creating a gathering place and rest area in Parkwood Hills at Mineral Point Park, and developing gateway entrances to Eastmorland, Eken Park, and Bridge-Lakepoint Neighborhoods.

Check the Neighborhood Grant Webpage for updated information next week:


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