Gardens Network Partners

The Gardens Network is a partnership of Rooted, UW-Madison Extension Dane County and the City of Madison. The network reaches beyond the core partners, and depends on  organizations, municipalities, funders, and programs working on community food issues in Dane County.  Most of all, the gardens network is based in and supported by garden organizers at each garden.

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2702 International Lane, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 240-0409

Rooted is committed to collaborations rooted in food, land, and learning. Rooted evolved from a desire to merge the strengths of two vibrant Madison organizations—Center for Resilient Cities and Community GroundWorks—committed to enabling people to grow and thrive in healthy, equitable, and sustainable neighborhoods.

Vision: People cooperate to create and sustain healthy communities by growing food and caring for nature within their urban environments.

Mission: To work toward an equitable food system by ensuring access to garden space and healthy food, and by educating beginning farmers and gardeners of all ages.

City of Madison

The City of Madison believes that community gardens can improve equitable access to multiple social, environmental and health assets:

  1. Increase access to safe, healthy and culturally appropriate food;
  2. Assure safe and available land for individuals to grow food; and
  3. Provide accessible public spaces that increase social connectedness and cohesion, particularly for lower-income, minority and immigrant community members.

The City of Madison provides support through coordination across all city departments that believe in the power of gardens to transform neighborhoods by making public land available (half of all community gardens in Madison are located on city-owned land) and offering logistical support in garden infrastructure.

Click here to see the city’s work on community gardens.

UW-Madison Extension Dane County

5201 Fen Oak Dr., Ste 138, Madison, WI 53718-8827
Phone: 608-224-3700
Fax: 608-224-3727
TDD: 608-224-3703

Click here to view our purpose, vision and values statements.

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