COVID-19 and Community Gardening

Dane County, like many other locations, has community spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.  Although community gardens are an important resource for our community,  it is important to keep yourself and others save by limiting and slowing the spread of the virus.  Please follow recommendations from the Public Health of Madison and Dane County , the most important of which is to limit contact with others wherever possible, for their safety and yours.  See the resources below for more information. 

On March 24, the State of Wisconsin declared a “Safer at Home” order, which will impact how community gardens will operate.  As food production spaces, Community Gardens are allowed to remain open.  As places that many different people use, they will require serious safety and hygienic measures. We count on your support to put those measures into place.  

Community Garden Guidelines

Safety Guidelines for gardeners and organizers from the Wisconsin Department of Health and Safety:

Similar printable guidelines prepared with the help of PHMDC for gardeners and organizers

Best practice instructions and Sign from UW- Madison Extension.  Translations of the sign are in English, Spanish, Hmong, Lao, and Somali.

Multilingual 6 foot distancing sign from Public Health of Madison and Dane County

Multilingual safe gardening sign with details from Public Health of Madison and Dane County

Community Garden Guidelines from the CDC

General Coronavirus Information

Information from Public Health of Madison and Dane County on the Coronavirus

Reccomendations and Guidance from Public Health

Coronovirus Information from the State of Wisconsin Public Health

Information on the Coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control


Pautas para Huertas Comunitarias del Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Propagación comunitaria del Coronavirus


Zeg Zog Cov Teb Zaub thiab tus kab mob

Hmong Resources for (Hmoob cov kev pab rau) Coronavirus

Videos: (Daim paib): 1 and 2

More information (kawm ntxiv)

Lao – ເມືອງມາດິສັນ – ສວນຊຸມຊົນ ແລະ ໂຄວິດ-19

Community Garden Practices From Other Areas

State of Connecticut Urban Ag Guidance

Printable handout and webpage from NC State Extension

Printable handout from Philadelphia Community Gardens

Garden Guidelines from the Vermont Community Garden Network

COVID-19 Guidelines for safe community gardening from the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Building Farm Resilience During COVID-19 from the Cornell College of Ag and Life Sciences

A compilation of communication resources surrounding Coronavirus

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