General & Comprehensive

  • Community Gardens: Where People and Plants Come Together (PDF)
  • New Garden Guide (PDF)
  • Planning your Community Garden Year (PDF)
  • Food and Garden Activities for Kids (PDF)
  • From the Ground Up: A guide to basic organic vegetable, flower, and herb gardening for new gardeners (PDF)
  • Growing Vegetables: Questions & Answers (PDF)
  • The Vegetable Garden (PDF)
  • Toolkit for Quantifying Your Garden’s Impact (PDF)
  • Youth Gardening (PDF)
  • Gardening for older adults (webpage)
  • Composting resources from UW- Extension
  • Compostable Materials Graphics from the DNR
  • Guide to Outdoor Safety and Health from the Safety, Health, and Consumer Council


  • Common Crops for Community Gardens (PDF)
  • Plain Language Guides to Growing Onions, Garlic, and Leeks (PDF); Salad Greens (PDF); and Tomatoes (PDF)
  • Sample Planting Schedule (PDF)
  • Seed Starting (PDF)
  • Soil Temperature Planting Guide (PDF)
  • Succession Planting (PDF)
  • Vegetable Cultivars and Planting Guide (PDF)
  • Vegetable Planting Guide (PDF)


  • Common Weed Seedlings (PDF)
  • Community Garden Security (PDF)
  • Composting “On Site” (PDF)
  • Container Gardening (PDF)
  • Cover Crops for the Home Garden (PDF)
  • Improving Soil Fertility (PDF)
  • Managing Insects (PDF)
  • Organic Soil Conditioners (PDF)
  • Protect Your Plants from Bugs (PDF)
  • Soil Contaminants (PDF)
  • Specialized Gardening Techniques (PDF)
  • Why Use Mulch? (PDF)
  • Pests, Diseases and Weeds in Community Garden Setting (PDF)
  • Composting: Soil Improvement Methods (PDF)


  • Harvesting Vegetables (PDF)
  • Harvest/Post-Harvest Handling (PDF)
  • Recipes from our Community (PDF)
  • Storing Fruits and Vegetables (PDF)
  • Storing Vegetables (PDF)

En español

  • Cómo cultivar cebollas, ajos, y puerros (PDF)

For many more publications with information tailored to Wisconsin’s growing conditions, visit UW Extension’s The Learning Store.

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