Summit Materials

Useful information and handouts from the Garden Summit.

2017 Garden Summit

PowerPoint Presentations
Cultivating Successful Leaders (pptx)
Growing Next Generation Leaders (pptx)
Rain Barrel Sale (pptx)
SACG Relocation to Rennebohm Park (pptx)
Tools for Tackling the Top 10 Pests (pptx)

Planning, Planting, Maintaining Your Dane County Community Garden (pdf)
Community Gardening Best Practices (pdf)

Top 10 Animals
1. Brown and Black Rat (pdf)
2. Chipmunk (pdf)
3. Rabbit (pdf)
4. Raccoon (pdf)
5. Squirrel (pdf)
6. Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel (pdf)
7. Vole or Meadow Mouse (pdf)
8. White-Tailed Deer (pdf)
9. Woodchuck-Groundhog (pdf)

Top 10 Diseases
1. Allium Rust (pdf)
2. Aster Yellows (pdf)
3. Baterial Speck & Bacterial Spot (pdf)
4. Bacterial Wilt on Cucurbits (pdf)
5. Blossom End Rot (pdf)
6. Downy Mildew (pdf)
7. Early Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot (pdf)
8. Late Blight (pdf)
9. Powdery Mildew (pdf)
10. Verticillium Wilt (pdf)

Top 10 Insects
1. Bean Leaf Beetles (pdf)
2. Cabbageworms (pdf)
3. Colorado Potato Beetles (pdf)
4. Cucumber Beetles (pdf)
5. Cutworms (pdf)
6. Earwigs (pdf)
7. Japanese Beetles (pdf)
8. Flea Beetles (pdf)
9. Root Maggots (pdf)
10. Squash Bugs (pdf)
11. Squash Vine Borers (pdf)

Top 10 Weeds
1. Canada Thistle (pdf)
2. Crabgrass (pdf)
3. Creeping Charlie (pdf)
4. Field Bindweed (pdf)
5. Garlic Mustard (pdf)
6. Lambsquarters (pdf)
7. Pigweed (pdf)
8. Purslane (pdf)
9. Quack Grass (pdf)
10. Reed Canary Grass (pdf)
11. Wild Parsnip (pdf)

Growing Next Generation Leaders (pdf)