Madison Eastside

Allis School Heritage Garden
Located on 4201 Buckeye Road, Madison, WI 53716
This garden is on school ground. There are 14 plots, most of the plots are 10 x 20 but there are a some 10 x 10 plots as well. To learn more, please contact Carol Troyer-Shank at or (608)469-2678.

North of Atwood Avenue, along the Isthmus bike path.
One of Madison’s oldest community gardens, this garden has 110 garden plots and offers youth programming for the Goodman Community Center. For more information or to register for a community garden plot, contact Larry Weber at or 608-241-0494.

Cross Point Church
Located on 5011 Commercial Ave, Madison, WI 53704
Please contact Cross Point Church at (608) 249-1810.

Door Creek Community Garden
Near the corner of Sprecher and Cottage Grove Road. Approx. address: 4374 Sprecher Road
This garden has 14 approx. 15 x 15 plots and a $10 annual fee. Free compost, horse manure, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, and rhubarb are available on site for garden members. Organic methods preferred, no herbicides allowed, no water access. Bales of hay are available for $2.50 each. To learn more, contact info Emily Steinwehe at or (608) 609-9320.

East High Youth Farm/Goodman Youth Grow Local Farm
5017 Sudbury Way
The Goodman Youth Grow Local Farm engages a diverse population of elementary, middle and high school students in hands-on, farm-based education in an outdoor classroom. Youth are actively involved in the entire process of running a small-scale organic farm – from raising seedlings in the East High greenhouse to harvesting produce at the Youth Farm on Madison’s east side.  Most of the produce is eaten by the students, or donated to the Goodman Community Center’s food pantry. We also have ten community garden plots on the Youth Farm site, where neighbors and other community members grow food for their families and friends. Our community gardeners range in age from 5 to 86! Contact Jennica Skoug at or 608-957-4406 with questions.

East Main
2000 through 2100 blocks of East Main Street, along the railroad tracks.
This garden is in the process of organizing a formal garden group. Neighbors across East Main Street have traditionally gardened the area across from their house, and non-neighbors who want garden space ask permission at houses across from garden sections that seem empty.

3501 Hargrove Street (SE corner of Hargrove and Walter Streets).
This small garden has 19 20’x20’ plots for neighborhood residents, though plots may be leased as full or half (10’x20’) plots as space and interest allows. Due to limited space, those from outside the neighborhood are encouraged to seek plots at larger gardens elsewhere. For more information, or to register for a community garden plot, contact Joseph Carroll at

1202 Painted Post Drive, in Elvehjem Park.
A no-till, organic garden established in 2013 serving the Elvehjem Neighborhood and nearby area with 28 plots. Contact Chris Brockel at for more information.

Located at 702 McCormick Avenue, where McCormick dead-ends into Aberg Avenue.
Located at 702 McCormick Avenue, where McCormick dead-ends into Aberg Avenue.
McCormick garden that began in 2010. Contact the registrar Molly Mitchell at, or the coordinator Mitch Moline at or (608) 215-3465

North Lawn Avenue Garden
Located near the intersection of East Johnson and East Washington Ave. on North Lawn Ave.
This is a small new garden with just four plots. For more information, or to register for a community garden plot contact the registrars: Victoria Faust and Michael Fay at or 608-575-2795.

Located at 1818 Portage Road (on the south edge of Reindahl Park).
This garden has 200 tilled gardens and 60 no-till plots. Garden registration begins in February for the previous year’s gardeners and is open to new gardeners in April. Contact for more information.

Saint Paul
3000 through 3200 blocks of Saint Paul Avenue, along railroad tracks, off Milwaukee Street.
This is an organic garden with over 70 garden plots. For more information contact the garden coordinator at To register for a community garden plot, contact the registrar at  or 608-712-2020.

Located at 8 Straubel Court, northwest of the intersection of Straubel Street and Rowland Avenue on land adjacent to the East Madison Community Center (Anderson St./MATC area).
This eastside garden offers 30 plots for community members and also includes a children’s garden that provides programming for the youth at East Madison Community Center. For more information or to register for a community garden plot, contact Yimmuaj Yang at